Clone Commando Gregor Finds His Armor – Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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Clone Commando Gregor Finds His Armor – Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Full Scene 1080p HD

Unit CC-5576-39, known by the nickname “Gregor,” was a Human male born on the planet Kamino. He was cloned from the template of the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett, and received training as a clone commando, earning the rank of captain. He served in the Grand Army of the Galactic Republic[3] as part of the Special Operations Brigade[2] during the Clone Wars, which launched in 22 BBY.[4] Two years later,[5] Gregor and his squad were on attachment to the 212th Attack Battalion,[1] and participated in the Republic’s assault against the Separatists on the planet Sarrish,[3] during the Outer Rim Sieges.[5] The forces of the Republic suffered severe casualties during the battle, and Gregor, who tried to find help for his fellow clone troopers, suffered amnesia and ended up on a shuttle. The shuttle carrying him crashed on the planet Abafar, which was also in the Outer Rim, and the Sullustan Borkus, who owned the Power Sliders diner in the city of Pons Ora, rescued Gregor. The commando’s lack of memory was taken advantage of by Borkus, who rented an apartment in the city and employed the clone as a dishwasher in the diner.[3] Eventually, the Zilkin Colonel, Meebur Gascon and the pit droid WAC-47—who along with the other members of the D-Squad, were searching for a way to esacpe Abafar and reach the galactic capital Coruscant—entered Power Sliders looking for nourishment. After Borkus refused to serve the duo, Gregor encountered Gascon and WAC-47 in the back of the diner searching through the garbage. After Gregor offered the Zilkin something to eat, Gascon recognized the amnesiac as a clone, confirming his suspicions with further inspection. Gregor was commanded by Gascon, who believed he was on an undercover mission, to aid them. However, Gregor returned to work when Borkus called for him, leaving Gascon and WAC-47 in the alley. After Borkus closed the diner for the day, Gregor questioned him about his own identity, and the Sullustan brushed the questions off and told Gregor not to ask about them again. After arriving at his apartment, Gregor encountered a hologram of the clone captain CT-7567 Captain Rex, and was confronted by Gascon and the members of the D-Squad, who attempted to jog his memory. Gregor only remembered waking up on a transport ship and crashing on Abafar, and also recalled Borkus rescuing him. Gregor’s left wrist, which was marked with an identifying code, was scanned by the astromech R2-D2 to reveal the amnesiac soldier’s unit number, rank and status as a clone commando. Gregor began to vaguely recall the events of the Battle of Sarrish, and Gascon convinced Gregor to join them in completing their mission. After he trimmed his hair and shaved his beard, Gregor, Gascon, and the droids went to Power Sliders, where the commando believed his armor and equipment were being kept by Borkus. As Gregor and the D-Squad were searching for his equipment at the diner, Borkus confronted them and threatened Gregor with his DC-17 blaster rifle. The Sullustan informed them that the Separatists were mining rhydonium, a volatile fuel, in order to destroy the Republic cruiser in Abafar’s orbit. When Gregor tried to grab the weapon from Borkus, the Sullustan hit the commando and taunted him; however; Borkus was disarmed and restrained by the D-Squad.[3] Gregor, Gascon, and the droids headed to the local Rhydonium mining installation. After verifying Borkus’s claims, Gregor told the Colonel and the droids to head straight for the attack shuttle as he covered their escape. The commando began to dispatch the battle droids guarding the facility, targeting various barrels of rhydonium in order to destroy the facility’s operations and to provide cover for the D-Squad. When Gascon and the astromech M5-BZ were separated from the group, Gregor retrieved them and provided more cover fire. As the D-Squad made their escape aboard the shuttle, Gregor targeted more of the rhydonium barrels as he was being overrun by the droid forces, resulting in the facility’s destruction. This amazing scene in 1080p HD is from the full episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5 Episode 12 – Missing in Action.