Star Wars Trilogy – Arcade Model 3 – Intro & playthrough [1080p 60fps]

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Star Wars Trilogy – Arcade Model 3 – Full attract, intro & playthrough [1080p 60fps]

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Star Wars Trilogy Arcade built on the gameplay for the previous Star Wars Arcade games and delivered a prefect arcade experience. With visuals that also matched the films special effects, sure there were plenty of great Star Wars games by this point, but none quite looked like the films due to limited computer power at that point. It wouldn’t be till the 2001 title Rogue Squadron 2 on Gamecube that you got an even better looking game. An on-rails shooter in ever sense of the word, the game follows a very preset course and your objective is to shoot the forces of the empire before they shoot you. The game jumps between each of the three films and includes all the famous battles. The Star Wars mission recreates Yavin 4 as you jump into the cockpit of Luke’s X-Wing and attempt to blow up the Death Star, where as the Battle of Hoth has you taking down the Imperial AT-AT Walkers just like the scene in the film. Players who managed to progress far enough also got lightsaber duel bonus stages against Boba Fett and Darth Vader. To add some depth to the game Sega added in a great scoring system, first up is the multiplier bonus where you get a times one bonus for each success shot without a miss, so just holding down the fire button won’t give you a good score. Secondly there are a number of bonus objects and summon events where you can call in your wingmen, perfecting these events will give you hidden bonus scores. In the real arcade you would see the event button light up at certain points. Captured from SuperModel r640 which still has quite a lot of issues with the audio for the game. Overall the emulator now give a fairly close experience to the arcade in gameplay and graphics. It’s also supports widescreen but as Model 3 games didn’t videoing them in widescreen just adds in issues not present in the arcade and doesn’t reflect the original arcade hardware. Currently SuperModel doesn’t support all revisions of the game and only seems to support revisions with incorrect inverted lightsaber controls. Having played a lot of Star Wars Trilogy cabinets back in the day we know most didn’t have the lightsaber controls inverted only a few did and we suspect this was down to a bad revision of the game Sega patched for later releases. You can fix this issues in the emulator by editing Supermodel.ini and adjusting the “Analog joystick” (Star Wars Trilogy) settings to, InputAnalogJoyX = “MOUSE_XAXIS_INV” and InputAnalogJoyY = “MOUSE_YAXIS_INV”. Then start the game and enter Test Mode (default key number 6), then choose Calibration Test and change the lever setting to: up / down, down / up. Finally, and this is the most important step, now back out of Calibration Test and go to Game Assignments. From there, change the Cabinet Type to “U/R”. (Taken from a Supermodel forum post) Full playthrough / longplay of all stages and full attract mode with all intros. Also known as: スターウォーズ トリロジー アーケード (Japan) Release: 1998 Developer: AM Annex (AM分室) / LucasArts (ルーカスアーツ) Publisher: Sega / セガ Format: Arcade (Arc) / アーケードゲーム Star Wars Trilogy remain exclusive to the Model 3 arcade hardware and never received a home port on any format.

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