Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire 100% JEDI Difficulty (N64)

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Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire 100% JEDI Difficulty (N64)

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (1996, Nintendo 64) – JEDI difficulty, All Challenge Points, no cheats, no clipping, no glitches. This is more of a walkthrough/longplay than a speedrun, but below are some notes about it: Jedi difficulty is actually one of the easiest modes of this game once you know what you’re doing. Your blaster does CRAZY damage at 100% charge, usually a one-hit kill on stormtroopers. No other difficulty setting has that powerful of a blaster, so really “Hard” difficulty is the most challenging. On Jedi, enemies deal tons of damage and are accurate, so you have to be quick and essentially memorize all enemy locations to minimize deaths. Ammo is sparse, but the Blaster is so strong that it can carry you through the end of the game without the need for any other weapon. Mos Eisley (speeder bike level) also has a night fog effect. Challenge Points award bonus lives at the end of each level, so collecting them all is essential. The only strategy besides quick reaction time and memorization that you need is to save all ammo for the Gladiator boss in Xizor’s Palace, and rack up as many lives as possible for the inevitable death montage at Skyhook. The final stage, Skyhook, is so poorly designed in that you WILL die over and over until you reach the final phase with the reactor core; luckily, bonus lives are awarded after so many TIE fighter kills. But even with that, you want at least 10 lives going into the final stage on Jedi. All music belongs to John Williams, Lucas Arts/Disney, and whoever owns those rights. I’m not running ads on this or making a single penny, so hopefully YouTube doesn’t block it. Otherwise, I’ll just have to beat Jedi all over again with the music turned off – not a problem, it’s just tedious waiting 3 hours to render and upload the 2-hour long video.

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