Star Wars! Kathleen Kennedy May Quit Very Soon! (Star Wars News)

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Star Wars! Kathleen Kennedy May Quit Very Soon! (Star Wars News)

Lets go over some star wars news when it comes to president of lucasfilm kathleen kennedy who has been involved with star wars the force awakens, rogue one a star wars story, star wars the last jedi and now solo a star wars story. With star wars episode 9 being the next film in the franchise. It all started since the last jedi backlash based on decisions made by kennedy and rian johnson. Many did not like the direction of the movie and beloved character luke skywalker, also..with the solo a star wars story box office bomb caused by the solo a star wars story boycott, the last jedi backlash and marketing costing disney millions of dollars because of reshoots that they had to make up. Lets go over that kathleen kennedy may be quitting very soon! Many fans have been keeping their ear open of the word…kathleen kennedy fired or when she is leaving. Many fans also are not on board with her decided rian johnson for the new star wars trilogy either. She may be gone well before the obi wan kenobi movie it seems.

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