10 Cancelled Star Wars Movies And Projects We’ll Never Get To See

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George Lucas created a Universe in which fans could escape in. Through the “Star Wars” franchise we fell in love with the characters, the stories, and the endless amount of action.

Dreaming of swinging lightsabers with Han Solo or having wicked side buns like Princess Leia. So when our favorite projects get canceled, we wonder where the force went!

Fans have been waiting for the Boba Fett stand-alone film forever now. Not to mention the much anticipated “Star Wars: Underworld”, which seemed to be a massive casualty of Disney, when in fact that wasn’t actually the case. Where are the hidden episodes of “Detours” that animated series Lucasfilm partnered with “Robot Chicken” Seth Green to create? Is a spin-off centering on C-3PO and R2-D2 ever going to be made? Were Lucas’ dreams of creating a sequel to his original trilogy including “The Empire Strikes Back” ever going to come to fruition? Also, whatever happened to that mention of a Wookies only movie, because Chewbacca must be getting pretty antsy. “Splinter In A Minds Eye” and the anticipated “Star Wars 1313” video game, unfortunately, didn’t make the cut, but what are the shocking reasons for the cancellations? What was Darth Vader special leaked? Not only do us “Star Warriors” want to see all these great films and shows, we also want to know why we didn’t get to see them. Especially those thirty-nine episodes that are made and being held captive. Watch this video to find out all the crazy reasons why these brilliant ideas never saw the light of day…maybe they did in a galaxy far, far away.