Alfie Curtis, (1930—2017) Remembering the iconic Mos Eisley villain

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Alfie Curtis, (1930—2017) Remembering the actor behind the iconic Mos Eisley villain

Remembering the actor behind the iconic Mos Eisley villain

British actor Alfie Curtis, best known to Star Wars fans for his role as Doctor Evazan, the scarred outlaw who infamously threatened Luke Skywalker at the Mos Eisley Cantina in Star Wars: A New Hope, has passed away, aged 87.
Across a prolific acting career, Curtis was a familiar face on U.K. television screens, appearing in several TV series including Q.E.D. (1982), and The Bill (1985). Born in Stepney in London’s East End, Curtis also had a small role in David Lynch’s critically acclaimed fi lm The Elephant Man (1980).

Evazan may not have been the most savory of characters, but his brief exchange with Luke Skywalker set the perfect tone for the wild and dangerous adventure that the young farm boy was destined to undertake. Curtis’ role was memorable not only for his vain attempt to bully a Jedi Master, but also for being the fi rst person to fall victim to a lightsaber blade on screen.
While Evazan may have been a wanted man (earning a death sentence on 12 systems), Alfie Curtis’ life will be forever celebrated for his iconic
contribution to the Star Wars saga.