Galactic Starcruiser Already Failing? — News and Reviews

Galactic Starcruiser Already Failing? -- News and Reviews

The Halcyon was a passenger liner owned by Chandrila Star Line. Being an MPO-1400 model, manufactured by the Corellian Engineering Corporation, and belonging to the family of Purgill-class starcruisers, the Halcyon was distinguished as the “jewel” of the cruise liner company.

The Halcyon was propelled by an array of 13 engine units, whilst also possessing a ventral hanger bay, similar to that of the infamous Imperial line of Star Destroyers. The vessel possessed a pair of docking rings, along the port and starboard sides of its spine, in addition to two of both sides of its bow, which were designated for Launch Pod Docks. The docks onboard, equipped with airlocks, would accept the passengers of the multiple Launch Pods from a planet-bound terminal, as they rendezvous with the Star Cruiser. Another set of docks, referred to as Transport Docks, were designated for transport shuttles docking with the starship. During 34 ABYtransport shuttles belonging to the Batuu Transport Company would service the passengers aboard the Halcyon, by taking individuals to the Batuu hub of Black Spire Outpost during denoted excursion periods.