Victory II Class Star Destroyer vs Assault Frigate Mark II

Victory II Class Star Destroyer vs Assault Frigate Mark II

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The Assault Frigate Mark II, also referred to as the Assault Frigate Mk II or simply the Assault Frigate, was a class of frigate that was heavily modified and retrofitted from the Republic Era Dreadnought-class heavy cruiser manufactured by Rendili StarDrive. The large amount of modifications lowered the number of personnel needed to operate the vessel, and it also improved the starship‘s maneuverability and speed while maintaining the original Dreadnought-class’s considerable amount of firepower. The Assault Frigate’s appearance had little familiarity with the Dreadnought-class as much of the hull was modified or simply removed to improve speed and maneuverability, although it came at the cost of being able to endure less damage. As a result, a strong deflector shield generator was added to compensate for the loss of durability.

The Assault Frigate cost 12,250,000 credits and was equipped with a medium-range sensor and a class 1 hyperdrive that acted as the primary and a class 12 as a backup. It used a navigation computer and had consumables for 1.5 years for its 4,820 officers and enlisted crew. 100 soldiers were also stationed aboard Assault Frigates, and the starship had a complement of either three starfighters or one shuttle, as well as an assortment of landspeeders, small shuttles, and ship’s boats. For this, the Assault Frigate has one dedicated mount on the dorsal hull in addition to several internal hangars.

The Assault Frigate was armed with fifteen medium turbolaser batteries that were evenly distributed to the bow, port, and starboard. It was also equipped with five port and five starboard light quad turbolaser cannons and fifteen heavy laser cannons that were forward-mounted and mounted on the port and starboard equally. Assault Frigates were able to outmaneuver Star Destroyers and threaten them in two-on-one and three-on-one engagements demonstrating that it could attack hostile capital ships above its weight class. This ability was analogous to the Rebel Alliance as a whole as it showed a smaller force defeating a larger one.

The Victory II-class Star Destroyer was a class of Star Destroyer that was manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards as a successor to the original Victory-class Star Destroyer. Initially a life extension program, it became the Victory II program which introduced the Victory II-class, and sought to fix many problems from the previous model including increasing combat performance and longevity. Despite the rebuilds, the Victory II was not able to correct all of the issues of its predecessor.

The Victory II-class cost 50,000,000 credits and was equipped with a class 1 and class 15 hyperdrive, a navigation computer, and a long-range sensor. 6,107 officers, pilots, and enlisted crew operated a vessel, while 1,600 soldiers were stationed onboard. It could hold consumable for one year, and had a complement of twenty-four starfighters along with shuttles, landing craft, and AT-series walkers.

Victory IIs were armed with the same weapons loadout as the predecessor, and as such were equipped with ten quad light turbolaser batteries that were evenly distributed to the port and starboard sides of the vessel. It was also armed with ten forward-mounted twin medium turbolasers, ten dorsal-mounted twin medium turbolasers, twenty assault concussion missile launchers, and ten hull-mounted heavy tractor beam projectors. Some Victory IIs, however, were equipped with ion cannons rather than concussion missile launchers, which was extremely rare.