How One Blue Stone CHANGED Yoda Forever… – Star Wars

How One Blue Stone CHANGED Yoda Forever… – Star Wars

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In the days before the Clone Wars kicked off and the the galaxy was divided into separatists and loyalists, things were much different, but there were still conflicts that required a Jedi to keep the peace. One of these situations arose when Master Yoda was drawn to a mysterious disturbance in the force out on a remote, distant world. Once he arrived he found two warring tribes of children who were fighting over a mysterious, force imbued stone which covered their mountaintops. Yoda quickly realized that the Force drew him here to teach him a lesson. One that would change him forever.

In the dark bowels of a remote city a young boy is being held inside of a cage, because everyone in the city has head about his mystical force powers. He has called out in the force for a Jedi to help him, but is unsure if anyone heard him. The pirates who are holding him here are disgusted and won’t let the boy be taken by the Jedi unless a hefty fee is paid.

Moments later the doors creak open and light shines into the lair, with a mysterious Jedi Master Arriving to respond to the boy’s calls for help… Despite the lair being filled with horrid raiders and pirates, the Jedi showed no fear. And when the door revealed the Jedi’s stature, the pirates burst into laughter at his tiny size. It was none other than Grand Master Yoda himself. Although these pirates had no idea who they were really dealing with.

As Yoda walks in, he tells the pirates that he has come for the boy, that he is ready to collect him for his training. The pirates refuse to send him though unless they are paid handsomely, in cold hard credits. Yoda of course refuses though and tells them that he has brought something far more precious. Immediately, Yoda uses the force take control of the pirates’ limbs and slam them into each other, absolutely infuriating them. The small green master has absolutely no issue dispatching the ENTIRE HORDE of pirates, leaving every single one of them knocked out in a sheer display of force power.

Master Yoda then takes the Young Boy’s hand and tells him “Begun your training has”. After the successful rescue, Yoda then leaves the Young boy named Lo with Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi to escort him back to Coruscant. The curious Young Obi-Wan walks over to the pirate’s den and peeks inside, being absolutely amazed and wondering how Master Yoda took out of a whole room full of pirates.