Everything You Missed in The Book of Boba Fett Episode 3

Everything You Missed in The Book of Boba Fett Episode 3

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So the Book of Boba Fett Season 1 episode 3 “The Streets of Mos Espa» has just dropped and gives us a look at the other side of Boba Fett’s Criminal Empire, one that he didn’t even know existed. We got a good look at the new Major Threat to Boba’s empire, as well as the ferocious wookiee himself Black Krrsantan going absolute ballistic. So, lets break down everything that went down in the episode, and how it connects to the other Star Wars books, comics and tv shows .

Black Krrsantan appears on Tatooine with Pelli Motto and her pit droids present, as well as the Pyke Syndicates and stormtrooper helmets from the mandalorian. It looks like Crimson Dawn are on their way, and maybe Black Krrsantan joins them ?

So the episode begins right off with a spider-like droid walking in front of Jabba’s palace. This is actually the same type of droid seen in Return of the Jedi known as a Brain Walker, which holds the brains of a very weird cult of Monks. These monks are called the Bo’Marr order and they believed that cutting themselves off from all physical sensation was the key to enlightenment… And they took that to its absolute extreme by cutting off all of their physical senses, remaining as just a brain in a jar.

Following that, Boba is given a briefing by 8d8, the infamous Smelter Droid who showed up in Return of the Jedi torturing a Gonk droid, about the situation after Jabba’s death. He goes on to say that after the disaster on the sail barge which we of course saw in Star Wars episode 6, there was a major power vacuum left over. In this vacuum, Bib Fortuna took over and divided Mos Espa among three families… A crime family of Trandoshasns took the city centre, the aqualish took the workers district and the Klatoonians took the starport area of the city.

After that, Boba Fett invites in one of the local businessmen to hear about his ongoing issues and in the conversation, Boba Fett drops a nice little throwback to his origins surrounded by water, of course referencing Kamino before it was mostly destroyed. The man also recounts that Tatooine used to be covered by vast oceans. This is a direct reference to the Dawn of the Jedi comics, going back over 26 thousand years before the current timeline, where Tatooine was a lush tropical world. That changed though the When the Rakatan infinite empire, who were the most dominant species at the time arrived and enslaved the native population, known as the Kumumgah. When the natives rebelled against the Rakatan’s harsh treatment, they glasses the planet from orbit, drying up all of it’s oceans and covering it in sand. Because of this the Kumumgah were forced to retreat underground and over the thousands of years they eventually evolved into two distinct species. The Tuskens and the Jawas.

Either way, Boba is then told about a group of young street urchins who augment their bodies with droid parts and cause terror for the local salesmen and business. Boba Agrees to put them in their place because it becomes pretty clear that nobody in Mos Espa respects him when these kids are causing so much trouble and stealing.

Boba then resolves the dispute by forcing the water monger to accept less credits, and then recruits the band of young street urchins to work for him. Straight after this we cut back into the bacta tank which as you know by know is the catalyst for all of Boba’s flashbacks. We rush straight into a vision from Kamino where Boba watches his father Jango Fly the slave I off world, while he’s hauled up inside of the Kaminoan facilities.