Why CAD BANE Wears Breathing Tubes – The Bad Batch

Why CAD BANE Wears Breathing Tubes - The Bad Batch

After the death of his good friend and Mentor Jango Fett at the first battle of Geonosis, Cad Bane became one of the most notorious bounty hunters in the Galaxy, known for his ability to take on even the toughest and most fierce targets. For this reason, he became a huge target himself and knew he needed to protect himself. As a result, he began using cybernetic breathing tubes to help him survive. But what did they actually do for him? Let’s find out!

In the time before the Clone Wars, there were two main types of breathing tubes. The first were replacement breathing tubes, which would completely replace the natural organs used to breathe, moving them to fully artificial systems, allowing breathability in nearly any environment or atmosphere. Only the most extreme bounty hunters and mercenaries chose to use systems like these, as things could often go wrong with black market medical procedures, where the hunters would usually get these modifications. Because of this, Cad Bane chose the second type of breathing tube, which was simply called an “enhancement breathing apparatus”. These enhancement-class tubes were able to bestow new abilities or improve the current abilities of the subject and almost never left permanent damage to the boy.