The SHOCKING Fate of THE CITADEL After The Clone Wars

The SHOCKING Fate of THE CITADEL After The Clone Wars

The Citadel was located on the hellish, lava world of Lola Sayu, and was once the Jedi Order’s most secure and impenetrable prison, designed to hold the toughest and most fierce Rogue Jedi, before the Clone Wars. After the Clone Wars began however, the prison fell under the control of the Separatists, who were able to Capture Jedi General Even Piell and his Officer, Wilhuff Tarkin. Luckily an elite Jedi rescue team led by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker were able to rescue Tarkin and return him safely to the Republic. But what happened to the Citadel after the Clone wars and Order 66?

Under separatist control during most of the Clone Wars, the Citadel Prison complex was operated by a large garrison of BX-series commando droids, as well as an assortment of B-1 and other units, led by the tactical Droid. K2-B4, and separatist commander Osi Sobeck.

After the Death of Osi Sobeck and the successful rescue mission which extracted Wilhuff Tarkin from the deadly citadel, an entire Garrison of Droids remained on the planet for the duration of the war, waiting for new prisoners to be brought to the facility.

Unfortunately for them however no more prisoners ever came.

Some time after the war had ended an unknown Separatist battle droid received the final shutdown order from Mustafar, after Order 66 was delivered, but refused to shut himself down because his processing unit was severely malfunctioning and still attempting to follow it’s last directive from the Clone Wars. His processing unit was damaged so badly that instead of targeting Clone Troopers, he believed he must capture and target all force sensitives in the Galaxy, in order to bring justice. This malfunction sent the Battle droid into a deep rage and probably panic, causing him to kidnap a young child. This young child however was no regular human child, but a force sensitive child who would soon become the prime target of Darth Vader’s inquisitors if her force sensitivity was ever discovered.

And like always, let me know down below what you think this battle droid’s name should be, since he never received one in the story.

Soon after this, the droid was the target of countless fierce and dreaded bounty hunters, attempting to capture both himself and the force sensitive child, but he managed to evade every single one without problem. The droid raced through the galaxy until he could find a place to hold the force sensitive child, eventually coming across the hellscape planet of Lola Sayu, home to the Citadel Prison.

When arriving on the surface of the planet, at the base of the Citadel, the malfunctioning battle droid was greeted by a similar Garrison of Battle droids who refused the shutdown order from Mustafar at the end of the war, as well a pack of feral anoobas prowling the area. It’s not fully clear if any of the battle droids that were part of this garrison also served during the rescue of Tarkin, but that would be an awesome little connection.

At the citadel prison, the Battle droid shackled the young force sensitive child and kept her imprisoned there in harsh conditions, probably realizing that it was an old prison designed to hold force sensitives and dark jedi.

Unfortunately, the fate of this maniacal Battle droid unit is still unknown and the fate of the force sensitive child is also unclear. Rumours did however, spread across the galaxy that a brave warrior travelled to the harsh world of Lola Sayu and battled his way through the hordes of droids, eventually coming to the rescue of the child. This however is not confirmed and may just be a myth spread by the Empire.