Galaxy of Fear: Planet Plague

Galaxy of Fear: Planet Plague

enero 27, 2020 Desactivado Por Diego

When Hoole decides to visit the planet Gobindi, even a warning from Tash’s anonymous HoloNet contact isn’t enough to change his mind. He’s determined to study the planet’s ancient ruins. For Tash, it’s a chance to discover what her mysterious uncle is really up to.

On Gobindi, Tash thinks she’s discovered an Imperial plot to spread a terrible virus across the galaxy. But when Hoole assures her that nothing is wrong, Tash is relieved.

For a little while.

When a big brown bump appears on her arm, Tash is scared. Has Hoole lied to her? Is he working with the Empire? Tash knows she must discover the truth.

Meanwhile, the bump on her arm is getting bigger…