The Most Dangerous Bountyhunters in the Galaxy

The Most Dangerous Bountyhunters in the Galaxy

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The team brings us a ranking with what for them are the 10 best bounty hunters in the galaxy. For a few months now we have been showing different rankings at their discretion and not that of Disney or Lucasfilm of different Star Wars things. This time it’s time to see which are the most lethal and ruthless bounty hunters in the galaxy according to them.


The Most Dangerous Bountyhunters in the Galaxy 1

This change of the clawdite species, we saw for the first time in the “Episode II: Attack of the Clones” working for Jango Fett in the assassination attempt of Senator Amidala in which he left us a most spectacular pursuit by Coruscant. In the game “Bounty Hunter” we knew the origin of the relationship he has with Jango Fett and even had his own comic called as her, which was the second part of another comic called Jango Fett.


The Most Dangerous Bountyhunters in the Galaxy 2

This Corellian was part of the six bounty hunters that Darth Vader hired to capture the Millennium Falcon. This bounty hunter who had his more and less with Han Solo, is an excellent swoop motorcycle rider. With biological implants that put him in the brain due to an accident in a swoop motorcycle race, he transformed his brain into that of a murderer without emotions or remorse. You can also see him in the fourth season of “The Clone Wars”.


The Most Dangerous Bountyhunters in the Galaxy 3

From the series of IG droids, this killer droid was another one that Darth Vader hired. It was a derivative of the sentinel droids IG-86 used during the Clone Wars. His murderous instinct makes him, for many, the second most dangerous bounty hunter after Boba Fett. It also appears in the series “Droids”.


The Most Dangerous Bountyhunters in the Galaxy 4

Coming from the planet Rattatak, Ventress was trained in the Jedi arts until her teacher Ky Narec was killed which caused him to join the dark side. During the Clone Wars she became acolyte of Count Dooku until he betrayed her and went to Dathomir where she met her origin as Sister of the Night. After the invasion of Dathomir, he abandoned the Sisters of the Night and became a bounty hunter. You can find it in the two series of the Clone Wars.


The Most Dangerous Bountyhunters in the Galaxy 5

Bounty hunter Kyuzo, who belonged to the Sugi bounty hunter band, very athletic, could jump very high in the air and cover great distances. Wear a circular helmet that can be used as a throwing weapon or as a shield. It was considered during the Clone Wars one of the most dangerous along with Cad Bane. It appears in the series “The Clone Wars”.


The Most Dangerous Bountyhunters in the Galaxy 6

This human from the planet Concord Dawn was adored by Mandalorian warriors after the loss of their parents. With a great reputation worked for years was chosen by Darth Tyranus to be the base of the clone army of the republic. As a condition he asked for an unaltered clone so that the legacy of his teacher Jester Mereel could continue. He died in the arena of Geonosis beheaded by the lightsaber of Jedi Master Mace Windu.


The Most Dangerous Bountyhunters in the Galaxy 7

Trandoshan bounty hunter, was one of the six bounty hunters hired by Darth Vader. Great fan of the hunting and the skins Wookies, was part during the Clone Wars of the band of bounty hunters of Aurra Sing. It appears in the animated series “The Clone Wars” in addition to several comics and various products.


The Most Dangerous Bountyhunters in the Galaxy 8

It appeared for the first time as a spectator in the pod race of “Episode I: The Phantom Menace”. This semihuman formed an alliance with Cad Bane to free the prisoner Ziro the Hutt and in that later he was in charge of taking care of and teaching the orphan Boba Fett. Many of the great moments of this bounty hunter can be seen in “The Clone Wars”.


The Most Dangerous Bountyhunters in the Galaxy 9

Surely the most famous bounty hunter in the world, Boba Fett was a clone of Jango Fett. After the death of his father, Boba sought revenge and with Aurra Sing they attacked the murderer of his father, Mace Windu. After the establishment of the Empire, Boba Fett was one of the most feared and envied bounty hunters in the galaxy. There was no objective that escaped him and among those who requested his services the most was Jabba el Hutt. Although he was considered dead after being thrown into the well of the Sarlacc this he managed to escape from being devoured according to the now Legends Universe, we are waiting to know more about him in upcoming movies, which is tested a spin off for the and other stories.


The Most Dangerous Bountyhunters in the Galaxy 10

Birth of the planet Duro, this bounty hunter earned the reputation of being the best in his trade during the Clone Wars. Great strategist and powerful rival, it was a headache for many Jedi. Among his exploits are those of stealing a Jedi holocoron from the same temple or rescuing Ziro the Hutt in the same Coruscant. While we do not know what happened after the Clone Wars he hopes that he can have an appearance in the new series “Star Wars Rebels.”