Palpatine’s SURPRISING Original Backstory (Pre-Empire Strikes Back)

Palpatine’s SURPRISING Original Backstory (Pre-Empire Strikes Back) | Star Wars Lore

George Lucas had a very different backstory created for Emperor Palpatine when he created Star Wars. In today’s Star Wars Lore video, I’ll detail that backstory, and examine the changes! George Lucas created about a dozen different versions of Star Wars, before settling on the one that we finally got. There’s treasure in those old drafts, including the original backstory of Star Wars’ Emperor Palpatine. Even the A New Hope Novelization is extensively different than the movie itself. During the Death Star conference scene, we hear Grand Moff Tarkin announce that the Emperor has abolished the senate. The Emperor he’s talking about, is far different than the one that we would end up seeing in the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. All of that and more on today’s very special Sheev Palpatine dedicated Star Wars Lore video.