Star Wars Episode 9 Plot Leak! Potential Spoilers! Update & More

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Star Wars Episode 9 Plot Leak! Potential Spoilers! Update & More

Lets go over a star wars episode 9 plot leak that has potential spoilers! these star wars episode 9 spoilers should also be taken with a grain of salt however, We will go over certain elements of the movie that were apparently leaked all thanks for msw france for reporting on this and describing everything of the poster and the claims by the poster. Star Wars Episode 9 begins filming in July and will introduce tons of new characters as well as return characters Rey, Finn and Poe etc. After the last jedi backlash from decisions made by rian johnson and kathleen kennedy fans have been wondering where star wars episode 9 will go with characters Kylo Ren and more. Naboo in star wars episode 9 would truly be a treat by JJ Abrams, we also know that jj will be putting prequel trilogy continuity in star wars episode 9, so star wars episode 9 prequel trilogy stuff will be amazing to see on screen. This star wars episode 9 story leak is surely interesting as Spain, which was shot for the city of Theed as also scouted for a potential spot for star wars episode 9.

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