Hidden Features in EWOK HUNT! – Star Wars Battlefront 2

Hidden Features in EWOK HUNT! – Star Wars Battlefront 2.

It’s the dead of night. Invaders dressed in a uniform of imposing white armor stalk the forests of your home. It’s hunt or be hunted. So you do what any proud warrior would: you put on your hood, grab your spear, and yell “Yub nub.”

Ewok Hunt, a new mode for Star Wars Battlefront II, arrives today and it is cause for an Ewok-level celebration of dancing, fireworks, and drumming on stormtrooper helmets. You play as Endor’s furry occupants and stalk Imperial bucketheads in the cover of night — or try to survive as a stormtrooper, fending off menacing Ewoks until evac arrives. StarWars.com has played the mode (which comes with the Night on Endor update), and is happy to report that it’s really fun and legitimately scary. To mark the release of Ewok Hunt, StarWars.com spoke with Battlefront II assistant producer Michael Dailey to get some survival tips for those loyal to the Ewok cause. Check them out below; they might just save your fur. (And for those looking to eliminate those troublesome furballs, stay tuned for some stormtrooper tips.)