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Everyone thinks he’s a hero, but former stormtrooper Finn sure doesn’t feel like one. The only thing he cares about is fi nding Rey and keeping her safe.

Abducted from his home planet, a young boy given the serial number FN-2187 was trained to become a First Order stormtrooper. Required to  follow orders without question, he was sent into battle under the leadership of Captain Phasma, but he was unable to obey her directive.
When the opportunity arose to help captured Resistance pilot  Poe Dameron escape from a First Order Star Destroyer, FN-2187 seized it. The pair hijacked a Special Forces TIE fighter and high-tailed it out of the ship. As they escaped, Dameron renamed his rescuer Finn. However, their daring  getaway went awry when they were shot down and crash-landed back on Jakku.
Believing Poe was killed in the crash, Finn wandered the desert planet, eventually encountering Rey, a tough, young woman with a kind heart. Though Finn’s only desire was to get as far away from the First Order as possible, when Rey was captured by the Order’s Kylo Ren, Finn resolved to fight. Aboard the Millennium Falcon, Finn journeyed to Starkiller Base, the First Order’s superweapon. There, he tried to protect Rey from Ren, but was seriously injured during a lightsaber duel.
Unconscious, Finn was brought aboard the Falcon, and he is later transferred to the Resistance flagship Raddus, where doctors place him in an  emergency bacta suit to recover.
When Finn comes to, he is under the false impression that he is still on Starkiller Base. He is unaware that Rey has traveled to Ahch-To to train to become a Jedi, or that the Resistance fleet is being pursued across the galaxy by the First Order, which is on the verge of wiping them out. He’s
equally surprised to learn that everyone in the Resistance has heard his story: how he absconded from the First Order—the first time any stormtrooper has been known to do so—and helped destroy Starkiller Base. Not surprisingly, those in the Resistance believe he is a hero.
For his part, Finn isn’t so sure. His only concern is in finding Rey and keeping her safe. As he attempts to leave the Raddus, he runs into maintenance worker Rose Tico. Together the pair devise a daring plan to help the Resistance fleet escape the First Order.
Once again, Finn is going to risk his life for the right cause—something that surely only a hero would do?

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