WHO is SNOKE’S MASTER? Star Wars Explained

WHO is SNOKE'S MASTER? Star Wars Explained

In Star Wars The Last Jedi, we got to see Snoke in the ‘flesh’. After the novelization has now come out, there are some things that make me wonder if Snoke really is who we think he is…the big bad guy…I don’t think he is…I think as Qui-Gon Jinn has said, there’s always a bigger fish, and I don’t think that Snoke is the biggest one… What do you think? I think Snoke is a descendant of someone, a greater power, someone who is of his species perhaps, but someone more powerful…who was the first force user before the first Jedi? Has Luke Skywalker met him? Will he in the next Star Wars movie? Perhaps in the other films coming out?