Why The Jedi & Sith Together Destroyed Mustafar 1

Mustafar was a planet within the eponymous system of the Atravis sector, in the Outer Rim Territories. It was a small world situated in grid square L-19 of the Standard Galactic Grid, and it lay on the Tosste Spur trade route, off the Rimma Trade Route. A part of the Western Reaches, Mustafar was located 53,000 light-years from the galaxy‘s Core. Nourished by the power of the Bright Star artifact, it was once a lush garden world that thrived with life.

Millennia before the Imperial Era, however, Mustafar become an unstable volcanic world, with lava constituting 35% of its surface. Occupying the third orbit of its system around the primary star Priate, the tortured planet was powerful in the dark side of the Force, and, along with its valuable mineral allotropes that surfaced from the planet core as well as its obscurity to the wider galaxy, attracted various off-world interests that exploited the molten planet. Mustafar remained a fiery world until the destruction of the Bright Star, at which point the planet was allowed to regrow. Such different states of the world led some to believe that spiritual forces were the catalysts to the changes in Mustafar’s nature.

Por Diego