Most Intelligent Sith In Star Wars Tier List 1

Following the near collapse of Imperial Intelligence at the hands of the Star Cabal during the Galactic War, the Dark Council took the opportunity to dissolve the weakened organization permanently. In place of the old department, they planned to form a new Sith Intelligence to operate as the Sith Empire’s new intelligence arm. Unlike its predecessor, which maintained a degree of independence from its Sith overlords, Sith Intelligence was to be overseen directly by the Sith.

Following a battle on the moon Yavin 4 against the RevanitesDarth Marr placed Lana Beniko in charge of Sith Intelligence.

Sith Intelligence’s operations moved to Ziost, where the former Sith Emperor, Vitiate, began possessing combatants on both sides during the Republic’s invasion of the planet. The organization was later left in disarray following Vitiate consuming all life on the planet. Minister Beniko planned on restoring Sith Intelligence by making their operations mobile. However, whatever progress was being made was lost in the chaos that followed the hitherto-unknown Eternal Empire’s assault on the galaxy at large. Five years later, the former Minister may have been heard to remark that most of its assets were lost in the fighting and that she was no longer part of the organization. She was unclear if any attempts at reconstructing it had been made or succeeded, adding that the new leader of the Empire, Darth Acina, seemed to prefer relying on technological surveillance rather than direct intervention.

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