ANDOR FINALE PREVIEW! (Possible Spoilers) 1

In this Star Wars news update, we discuss Andor episode 12 after «Daughter of Ferrix» last week. The big Andor series finale that sets up Rogue One. Tony Gilroy’s Disney+ and Lucasfilm show is peak live-action Star Wars. We speculate about Syril Karn, Dedra Meero, Cassian, B2 and more ahead of the uprising on Ferrix! We also have news about Bob Iger and Bob Chapek at Disney.

  • Star Wars News | Bob Iger Returns!
  • Everything We Know About Andor Episode 12
  • Andor Finale Spoilers
  • Everyone’s Going to Ferrix
  • Kreegyr Misdirect Theory
  • Luthen, Vel & Cinta
  • Will Any Characters Die?
  • Diego Luna Teases Season 2

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