The Most Deranged & Grotesque Ancient Sith Warriors

The Most Deranged & Grotesque Ancient Sith Warriors

noviembre 20, 2022 0 Por Diego

Sith stalker armor, painfully grafted onto the wearer’s flesh and bone, was meant to transform dark side disciples into powerful Sith assassins. It had an intimidating appearance that was designed to inspire fear in any enemy.

Rather than utilize gauntlets, stalker armor instead replaced the vast majority of the hands with prostheses, though some flesh remained, allowing the user to apply Force lightning in combat without fear of it backfiring. The prostheses featured a set of metal claws attached to the finger tips. Despite their considerable length, they did not appear to cause any inconvenience on the part of the wearer, though this was likely just a result of practiced use. The head protection consisted of a form-fitting helmet that covered the entire head. The helmet face-plate resembled a Ubese bounty hunter mask with a Mandalorian-style T-bar visor. The armor also appeared to include some type of breathing apparatus, though the mechanism appeared to be controlled by the wearer, rather than automated, as the breathing pattern was forced and erratic.

Protecting the neck was a high metal collar that connected to a form-fitting pauldron protecting the right shoulder. The right forearm was protected by a set angular metal plates grafted to the flesh and connecting to the largely prosthetic right hand. The left arm and shoulder were left bare. The chest was protected by a set of ribbed, flexible armor plates. The armor included a series of leather belts, used to hold lightsabers taken from defeated opponents.

Below the belts were another series of ribbed plates forming a girdle that protected the waist and crotch. Whatever leg protection was utilized remains hidden by the ragged, floor-length combat skirt. Beneath the plates and combat skirt, the wearer was clad in a skin-tight black bodysuit made of what appeared to be leather. This suit was also specially made to avoid hindering the wearers physical abilities of strength and agility, nor their skill with the Force.