Mirialan Species COMPLETE Breakdown 1

Mirialans were a near-human species native to the planet Mirial. They had skin tones ranging from green and yellow to pink or purple. Most had traditional black geometric tattoos on their faces which symbolized personal achievements. The species had a strong connection with the natural world and typically believed in the Force. Mirialans included several members of the Jedi Order, including Jedi Masters Luminara Unduli and Cyslin Myr, the traitorous Padawan Barriss Offee, and the Seventh Sister, a fallen Jedi who hunted Great Jedi Purge survivors as a member of the Galactic Empire‘s Inquisitorius.

Mirialans were a near-humanspecies distinguishable by their yellow-green or pink colored skin and geometric facial tattoos. Though typical Mirialans had green or pink-colored skin, some had purple skin. Mirialan hair colors included black and brown, and their eyes could be brown, blue or purple. Mirialans possessed enhanced reflexes and were also incredibly flexible and agile, traits which aided them in activities such as lightsaber combat. As a near-human species, they were capable of reproducing with humans and having human-Mirialan hybrid offspring. Their natural habitat was desert or wastelands.

Although most members of the species got the traditional facial tattoos, not all did. More traditional Mirialan families felt strongly about the custom. Typically, these tattoos were done after a Mirialan completed a special task or achievement, and expressed the achievements or expertise unique to each Mirialan. Some appreciative of their species’ culture considered the tattoos as merely status symbols. Because of her mixed heritage, the half-Mirialan Maize Raynshi considered either not getting the tattoos or only getting them on one half of her face. Eventually, Raynshi chose a tattoo design with the meaning of «friendship.

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