First Look at Star Wars: Ahsoka Trailer + Live Action Sabine

First Look at Star Wars: Ahsoka Trailer + Live Action Sabine

Here is out first EVER LOOK at Live action Sabine + the Ahsoka show!

So the Ahsoka teaser begins with a beautiful shot of Ahsoka herself, Sabine Wren and Hera Syndulla walking into the deck of what looks like a huge cruiser, or a city planet. It’s hard to tell exactly where it is, but the interesting thing is that Hera will be a huge part of this. The panel at celebration didn’t confirm who exactly was playing Hera, but it’s most likely Vanessa Marshal, her voice actor for Rebels and Star Wars squadrons, or Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who was recently revealed to be in the show. That’s also Ewan McGregor’s wife, so it’s a cool little connection.

Now after this we see Ahsoka put her hands on what seems to be an old, decript looking temple. This could honestly be the temple on Lothal, and considering the markings inside that temple are on the logo for the show… I think its pretty likely. There’s definitely something going on with the World Between Worlds in this show, and I can’t wait to see it…

After that we get a really cool little connection back to the Clone Wars, with Professor Huyang, the Lightsaber Construction making his official return. So we now do know that the Empire were never able to track down Huyang and melt him down to scrap metal…

In the next scene, it’s literally just Ahsoka at some ruins pulling her hood up. the interesting part though is that her Lekku have definitely been mader longer, although still not Rebels length, and that she is wearing the Grey outfit from the Mandalorian. This confirms that little hint Dave Filloni gave about the Rebels Epilogue actually taking place After the Mandalorian, instead of before like we all thought.