Why Darth Vader Was TERRIFIED After He Killed Obi-Wan

Why Darth Vader Was TERRIFIED After He Killed Obi-Wan

After countless painful years of wondering what had happened to his old Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, their fateful meetup finally happened aboard the first death star. The two battled it out like they did all of those years ago, but this time, something had changed. Vader could feel that Obi-Wan was not the Jedi he once was. He was weaker, more frail and almost willing to leave the living force in favor of the cosmic force… Something Vader could never Fathom doing… And then, something happened which terrified Vader to his core and left him haunted for weeks after the Fight.

For so many years after Anakin Skywalker was encased in to the metal suit and turned to the machine known as Darth Vader, he had worried deeply about his next encounter with Obi-Wan, should it ever come. Almost every waking moment of Vader’s life was split between three main things. 1. Finding the key to bring Padme back to life, 2. Delving deep into the Dark Side and serving his master, and 3. Replaying the fight on Mustafar in his head, thinking of ways he could have beaten Kenobi. He was just plain *Angry* that he managed to lose to Obi-Wan, when he knew he was a better fighter. A more agile opponent who was more powerful than anyone could imagine. He was told for years and years by the Jedi council, the other Jedi generals of the Clone Wars and pretty most ominously, the chancellor himself, that he was the chosen one who would save the galaxy from any threat that could come against it. This made the Sith Lord arrogant and confident in any encounter, which ultimately led to his downfall on Mustafar, refusing to see that Obi-Wan had the high ground.

This played a part in his next encounter with Kenobi in the Obi-Wan show, but Vader wasn’t fulfilled. The Dark side of the force was telling him that another duel would come sooner than he might think… His years of preparation and mediation into the dark side of the force was all preparing him for the final showdown with his once great master… But what would await him when he eventually did get to that fight would shake Vader to his core… although he didn’t yet know it. and that leads us onto the Battle aboard the Death Star. There was a very good reason that Darth Vader held his sword at guard for so long, slowly poking away at Kenobi to get an idea of how strong he might now be. As soon as the two locked their red and blue sabers for the fight, all of Vader’s worry, concern and years of preparation melted away. The Dark lord realized that he was far too powerful for the old wizard by now. Kenobi’s time had passed, and Vader was ready to bask in Victory. The dark side rose inside of Vader and he used it to his fullest potential to predict every single move of his old master, confident as he ever had been.

**Right after this though, things took a rapid turn. The two hear a distant voice calling out to Obi-Wan from the outside dock of the battle station. Vader is filled with too much pride and confidence to bother looking, but he notices his old master turns around and once he sees the face of the person calling out, Luke Skywalker, a huge smile washes across his face.** At that exact moment all of Vader’s pride, confidence and arrogance immediately melted away. The Sith Lord was now worried. He believed he was falling victim to some kind of trick by Kenobi. Regardless of this, the fight continued and Vader soon took the upper hand, with Kenobi retreating back and pretty much just giving up, in Vader’s eyes.

**Seizing the opportunity to finally defeat his old master and put his legacy to and end, Vader took a clean swing of his lightsaber, cutting Kenobi in half…** or so he thought. Vader felt a rush of joy swim through his body, knowing that his Master would never be a threat to him ever again. He had finally completed his Revenge for the horrible events on Mustafar. The Dark side began to swell in Darth Vader, more strongly than it ever had before, but as the minutes passed this joy and dark pride was replaced by dread. His victory quickly turned to horror and fear. He soon noticed that his old master had not been cut in half, but had completely disappeared, leaving only his old robe.