Star Wars Eclipse is a MESS (…and likely dead)

Star Wars Eclipse is a MESS (…and likely dead)

marzo 4, 2022 Desactivado Por Diego

Star Wars Eclipse is an upcoming video game by Quantic Dream set during the High Republic Era.

The game is set to feature multiple playable characters as well as branching paths and story choices that players can make to change the outcome of the game.

The announcement of Eclipse‘s development at the 2021 Game Awards was met with mixed reactions. The game’s cinematic reveal trailer on the official Star Wars Youtube channel gained over eight million views within its first week. Reviewers reacted positively to the trailer, with praise going towards its scope, visual style, and mood, sentiments that were echoed by a number of general fans.

As the first video game to be set in the era of The [sic] High Republic, the multimedia initiative that launched with publishing earlier this year, Star Wars Eclipse will feature an original story and unique new characters, each with their own paths, abilities, and roles to play in the tapestry of events that could alter the carefully balanced peace in an uncharted section of the Outer Rim.