Star Wars

The first film of the saga, as we well know, was released in 1977 and it’s possible that at that time George Lucas did not imagine the great impact that his work would have, not only in the film industry but also in the daily lives of people.

Since then, the number of fans has only been rising, becoming one of the most important franchises of our time, and its value is such that despite the time that has passed since the premiere of the first film, related projects are still being developed, in this way Star Wars has influenced at least the last 3 generations.

And precisely some of the young people, who were influenced by the world created by George Lucas, are now adults, who for several years have tried to make this technology a reality and now with the arrival of the fifth generation of wireless networks, some advances are much closer than we imagine.

Hologram Being able to make a video conference using a hologram is already a reality, in fact this technology has been used successfully, as in the case of Michael Jackson in 2014 during the Billboard ceremony, but it was only recordings with which it was not possible to interact, however recently a Spanish telecommunications company has made the first call with a hologram in real time, this could be made possible by the fact that the 5G network has access at 10 times higher speed compared to its predecessor and that it has virtually no latency.

Intelligent robots

Although it does not look exactly like in the movies, the number of robots that people have in their homes is increasing, vacuum cleaners and kitchen robots are just some examples, but they are also present in the virtual assistants, which operate thanks to artificial intelligences, and by which we can control other smart devices with either gestures or voice commands, this is the basis of the home automation. However automation faces the limitation of equipment that can be connected to wireless networks, this problem will be solved with the next generation of networks which allows to connect many more devices to a single node without compromising the quality of navigation.

Virtual reality

Even though we still can’t get on a ship and travel to other galaxies, virtual reality allows us to live very similar experiences, which are increasingly immersive. The video games today allow us to use a lightsaber, and pilot the most iconic ships, as the Millennium Falcon, but such games are quite heavy so that if you play in multiplayer mode the experience may not be optimal, once more the new generation of networks will allow to overcome this drawback, in addition this technology will grant greater freedom of movement because it will not be necessary to be connected to a cable to have good internet signal, therefore we can play from anywhere.

For now these are some of the advances that have been achieved, but technology always continues to advance and surely at this time, somewhere in the world there is someone, dreaming of distant galaxies and working on an advances that will bring us even closer to the universe of George Lucas.