Everything You Missed in The Book of Boba Fett Episode 4

Everything You Missed in The Book of Boba Fett Episode 4

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The newest release of the Book of Boba Fett is finally here, and Today’s episode, episode 4 was definitely something much different than we’ve gotten before. We got a fantastic look at the brewing gang war, Black Krrsantan finally joining Boba’s crime family, as well as a massive easter egg pointing at Din Djarin teaming up with Boba fett to take down the Pykes with the darksaber in hand. So, lets break down everything that went down in the episode, and how it connects to the other Star Wars books, comics and tv shows .

So the episode begins right back inside of Boba’s Bacta tank, where he is violently thrown back into the flashback sequences that we’re very used to by now. As Boba is riding his Bantha, he immediately passes the remains of a Krayt Dragon, which is very likely the same one seen in A New Hope. That one itself was actually the skeleton of a Greater Krayt dragon, meaning it was much stronger and more fierce than a normal one.

After this, Boba arrives at Jabba’s palace and points his rifle down at the lurking Kintan Striders who have just done business there, but can’t take the shot because there are too many guards. As we cut back to his campsite in the desert, we actually see that Tatooine has three moons, finally re canonizing that awesome little fact and bringing it back into live action. The names of these moons are Ghomrassen, Guermessa and Chennini.

While Boba is sitting under the three moons of Tatooine, he immediately notices a group of rising flashes in the sands behind him. Now you may remember these from the Mandalorian Season 1 episode 5, where Toro Calican and Din Djarin hunted after Fennec Shand. This scene is literally pulled straight from that episode, except just from Boba Fett’s perspective. Another cool little easter is that they actually play the familiar Mandlaorian horn sound just to remind us that this is pulled from that series.

After this, Boba Fett walks up and finds the nearly dead Fennec shand left for dead on the Sands of Tatooine. He then collects her and brings her back into town, where he comes across the young street mods from the last episode, but obviously this time in the past timeline… These guys might be from a different gang of vespa riders but they’re certainly into the same aesthetics.

Following this, Boba drops a pile of cash on the table and demands that the modders mod fennec in order to keep her alive. They’re a bit hesitant at first, but the cash instantly changes their mind and they begin work. As we saw from the last episode, these guys have plenty of experience turning humans into cyborgs with various droid parts, so the job is done very effectively. Finally, they fix up Fennec and get blood pumping through the artificial veins. Obviously we already saw this reveal in the Mandalorian, but it’s nice to see exactly how it went down.

As Boba reveals what he has done to Fennec in order to save her life she is shocked, but he insists that he drink some water from a Black Melon. This is a really cool little easter egg connection to the Star Wars 2015 comic run, where the Black Melons were officially named and introduced into the canon by Obi-Wan Kenobi. These things are vital to the Tusken raiders, so it makes a ton of sense that Boba Fett makes great use of them.

After Fennec Shand accepts the Black Melon, Boba Fett reveals that she is a master assassin from the Mid rim of the Galaxy. This is actually brand new information as we had no idea about her origin or homeworld before this… Although saying MId rim really doesn’t narrow it down much at all!

During his explanation of what happened on that Tragic day at the Sarlacc Pit, Fennec says “Boba is dead”, indicating that she was either nearby on the dail Jabba’s sail barge went down or that legend had spread so fast that Fennec was able to hear about it. Whichever one it is, it will be fascinating to see what it means for Fennec’s origin story.