When an Imperial Officer REFUSED To Pay Boba Fett…

When an Imperial Officer REFUSED To Pay Boba Fett…

enero 17, 2022 Desactivado Por Diego

Boba Fett is one of the most skilled and effective bounty hunters in the galaxy and as a result is highly sought after by many members of the shady criminal underworld. If Boba Fett is given a job he will complete it without questions and without hesitation. But what happens when you Don’t Pay Boba Fett? What Happens when you go back on your word and break your honor… Well it’s scarier than you might think. With Boba Fett appearing alongside rancors and Hutts in the Book of Boba Fett, some of you wanted to see a darker side to the bounty hunter… so here it is!

The tales begins out in deep space with a raggard Tie Fighter Pilot named Jak professing to his squadron mates that he’s very bored out here in the cold darkness. His fellow pillow agrees and asks ‘whose bad side did we get on to pull *this* assignment… Babysitting… It’s embarrassing, Jak”. Jak then responds again with “I’m bored” and his squad mate has had it with him, asking him to quit complaining. Being out here alone is bad enough. He then tells Jak that he’d much rather be out here keeping an eye on “this thing”, whatever it is, than chasing rebel x-wings over half the galaxy. Besides their flagship called “the Adjudicator” should arrive in just half an hour.

Things then go silent. Then suddenly a massive blast of fire erupts from Jak’s tie fighter sending debris flying in all directions. Jak’s squad mate is horrified and wonders who could possibly be out here all the way in restricted space. As he turns his ship around he notices a large vertical vessel approaching him with an ominous set of weapons complimenting it. Although he doesn’t yet know it, it is Boba Fett and Slave I. The squad mate then shouts out one last call of despair, but Boba Fett swiftly blows his Tie fighter to shreds with a single blast of his canons.

Boba doesn’t have any time to hang around though as this isn’t his primary mission. He’s on a very time sensitive bounty contract to retrieve an irreplaceable holo recording for a mysterious, very high ranking figure. He has only 30 minutes remaining. Will he manage to reach his true target in time? Barrelling towards the nearby wreckage of a star destroyer where he believes the holo recording to be, Boba immediately finds a spot to land his ship. The famed bounty hunter then steps out of his ship with his blaster firmly drawn and scouts out the area for more information. With the clock very quickly ticking down, Boba lowers himself into the depth of the Star destroyer wreckage and has no idea what he will find when he enters.