What Do Tusken Raiders Really Look Like Under the Mask?

What Do Tusken Raiders Really Look Like Under the Mask?

With The Book of Boba Fett Episode 3 releasing we finally get to see the story of how Boba Fett became a member of a remote Tusken tribe and learned their ways and traditions. Boba became a very strong advocate for them and stood up for the tribe when the Pykes arrived on Tatooine after Jabba’s death… But what do the Tuskens Look like Under the mask? Well we’ve been shown only a few times so far, and I’m going to show you all of them.

So before we see what the Tuskens look like under the mask, it’s very important to understand how their species came to be and what shaped their very dark evolutionary path, to lead them where they are now.

The Tuskens are actually one of the most recent species to evolve in the Galaxy. Most species evolved many thousands of years before the formation of the Galactic Republic, but the Tuskens… and also the Jawas for that matter are new kids on the block… and you’re ab out to see the dark reason why that is in just a bit.

Tatooine began as a lush, tropical world where it’s Twin suns warmed a vast ocean and thick forests. The primary species who inhabited the planet were known as the Kumumgah and they were extremely advanced for the time, building large sprawling cities and even having the technology required to colonize the nearby planets. The elders of the Kumumgah however were deeply opposed to leaving their world and touching the rest of the galaxy, as they feared it would only bring pain and destruction upon them… Sadly, the elders were correct.

Their activities in the region attracted a horrifying amphibious species known as the Rakata to their world, who were touched by the dark side of the force. The Rakata managed to rise to be the apex predator species of the galaxy in these early times because of their ability to use the force in places were many others couldn’t. They had force powered hyperdrives and weapons, allowing them to expand their brutal empire to anywhere they deemed necessary… As was pretty typical for the Rakata, once they discovered Tatooine they immediately enslaved the population and killed many of its most skilled warriors.

The Kumumgah were slaughtered at every turn and their cities were reduced to mere piles of scrap metal. On top of all of this, some of them were taken away by the Rakatans to be used as slave labor in the construction of the star Forge, which was a devastating automated shipyard intended to create the most monstrous fleet of all time.