Which Unit in The Republic had the STRONGEST Bond?

Which Unit in The Republic had the STRONGEST Bond?

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The 104th Battalion, also known as the «Wolf Pack» Battalion, or the Wolfpack Battalion, was a clone trooper military battalion of the Grand Army of the Republic. The 104th was led by Jedi General Plo Koon and Clone Commander CC-3636, also known by his clone trooper nickname of «Wolffe,» throughout the Clone Wars.

Before the end of the Malevolence campaignclone troopers of 104th Battalion could be distinguished by the maroon markings on their Phase I clone trooper armor. After the campaign, clone troopers belonging to 104th Battalion wore distinct dark pink markings on their armor. During the First Battle of Felucia, clone troopers of the battalion had a color scheme of grey-black. The 104th also included the Wolfpack.

The commanding officer of the battalion was Jedi General Plo Koon, and the second-in-command was Clone Commander CC-3636, also known as Wolffe. Members of the battalion include Clone Sergeant SinkerClone Corporal Comet, clone troopers Boost and CT-1701, also known as Wildfire, and clone pilots Warthog and Corvis.

The ranks of the 104th Battalion consisted of standard clone troopers, clone trooper officersclone sharpshooters, and heavy weapons clone troopers.