How Black Krrsantan Almost Killed Obi-Wan Kenobi – Star Wars

How Black Krrsantan Almost Killed Obi-Wan Kenobi - Star Wars

In the time of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s exile on Tatooine to watch over the last hope for the Jedi Luke Skywalker, a monstrous drought struck the planet which was the worst that had been seen in many years. It was so bad that Obi-Wan almost considered taking Luke and the Lars family to a different backwater world, because they couldn’t survive much longer without water… things got even worse though when Jabba the Hutt imposed a disgusting “water tax” on all moisture farmers, threatening to take away the little amount of water the Lars family were able to collect. In order to enforce the tax, Jabba sent one of his most fierce hunters known as Black Krrsantan to terrorize the Lars homested and once he got there he lost control and nearly killed Obi-WAn Kenobi.

The story begins out on the dry and battered sands of Tatooine where Black Krrsantan is being escorted by a group of Jabba’s enforcers tell the Wookiee that on this spo, 5 of Jabba’s toughest warriors were killed in cold blood. Even as Jabba fed the witnesses to the Rancor, nobody saw who took these warriors out and they have never found any trace of what actually happened. Black Krrsantan simply roars and the Nikto enforcer has no clue if he’s even listening, but the big furry beast knows his objective. He knows he has to kill whoever was responsible for these mysterious cold blooded killings. Especially since whoever it was was also blocking the collection of water taxes on Tatooine.

Moving all the way over to the Lars homestead, Own lars calls out to Luke and tells him that he picked up some parts from Tosche station to fix up his skyhopper that was recently damaged. Strangely he can’t find Luke anywhere. Owen looks around the homestead, and calls out to Beru to see if she knows where it is but nothing. Then out of nowhere a menacing black beast comes up behind Owen and traps his mouth shut so he can’t scream…

What Owen didn’t know was that Luke had run away from home. Luke was sick of his life as a moisture farmer and with almost no water remaining for him to survive comfortably he thought it would be better to run. To get on a ship, any ship and go anywhere in the Galaxy but here. Although before he could make it too far away from the homestead something deep within Luke warned him not to run and alerted him that Uncle Owen was in danger. Although he didn’t know it yet, this was the force guiding Luke to where he was needed most. The Young boy then rushes back to his home and frantically searches for Aunt Beru and His uncle, before finding her on the ground with a blaster in hand. Aunt Beru is horrified and warns luke that “IT” took him. Luke asks “What took him”, and is simply told that something Big, Covered in Fur and strong took Owen. Finally, Aunt Beru warns Luke to lock himself in the maintenance bay and to not come out until he hears her voice…

Moving back to Black Krrsantan, he has firmly got Owen in his grasp now and begins to torture him an an aboslute rage. Owen has no idea what the black furred beast wants or why he’s here and pleads with Krrsantan since he doesn’t speak his wookiee. Black Krrsantan is then about to give Owen a direct blast to the head, but before he can swing his arm something gets his attention from behind. As he turns around he sees a brown robed man, Obi Wan Kenobi.

Owen is shocked to see Kenobi coming to his aid after all the trouble he has given him, but Obi-Wan was actually just mediating among the Banthas in the Dune sea when he felt a deep disturbance in the force. He knew something was wrong, and there was a tightness in his gut that he hadn’t felt in years. Fear.

Black Krrsantan then squares up with Kenobi, ready to knock him out, thinking he’s an old fool. Obi-Wan however knows this Wookiee’s story. He recounts his name and immediately realizes that he’s the famous Wokiee bounty hunter who was disgraced to the people of Kashyyyk and forced to leave in exile at a very young age.