How Thrawn Urgently Tried to WARN Anakin About Order 66

How Thrawn Urgently Tried to WARN Anakin About Order 66

Despite having nearly all of the pieces needed to discover the true identity of the elusive Sith Lord known as Darth Sidious, Yoda and the Jedi Council were never able to put the pieces together until it was too late. There were however people who were able to put the pieces together and discover Palpatine’s true plans for Order 66… These included Clone Trooper Fives who was killed trying to reveal the truth, Clone Trooper Kix who was captured by Dooku after learning the Truth and frozen for 50 Years, and even Thrawn himself.

Very late in the Clone Wars, one of Padme’s good friends and handmaidens name Duja came across a nefarious separatist operation on the outer rim world of Batuu, where the Current Duke of Serenno, Solha was using a local cantine there as a transport point for equipment and materials. And Batuu is also the location of Galaxy’s edge for those of you who have been.

What Duja discovered was that the separatists, including Count Dooku along with his fellow Serennian Solha were using the Cantina on Batuu to transport those materials to the planet Mokivj, where a brand new and devastating battle droid design was being tested… This battle droid model would easily sway the tide of the war to the separatis if it were to be mass produced… When attempting to report the information back to Padme so it could be relayed to the Republic, Duja was tragically killed by the Separatists, after they discovered her presence…

Luckily a small message was able to reach Padme informing her of the operation. After hearing of the Separatist dealings on the planet, Padme decided that she needed to visit herself and attempt to find her lost handmaiden. As a result she raced to the outer rim in her H-type Nubian yacht, which as you can guess attracted quite a lot of local attention. After making up a cover story to mask her true intentions while visiting the planet, she was directed to the cantina in question and horribly found that her handmaiden had been laid in a funeral pyre outside, ready to be cremated and of ready to have all evidence destroyed. After managing to keep her emotions under control, she returned to her handmaiden’s ship and found that Duka had uncovered something massive. The existence of an entire separatist factory on Mokivj which could devastate the Republic’s clone army…. After learning this she hopped back into her ship and raced to Mokivj, not caring about the consequences and not telling anybody where she had gone… This included Anakin, who began to get very worried after not hearing from her for a very long time…

As a result, with Padme seemingly having disappeared, Anakin rushed over to Batuu to investigate… Anakin was panicked and worried about his missing wife but he would do anything he could to locate her and punish those responsible for taking her. After arriving into orbin of Batuu to being the search, Anakin came across another starship, piloted by a strange but imposing Blue man from the Chiss Ascendancy. His name was Thrawn. After talking about the situation for a small amount of time, Thrawn decided that he would join Anakin’s noble mission to find Padme….

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