Rise of the Sith Capitalist : Banks Were Key For Palpatine

Rise of the Sith Capitalist : Banks Were Key For Palpatine

The Grand Plan, also known as the Great Sith Plan, was a long-percolating plot hatched by the Sith. Originating with the Sith Lord Darth Bane, who had emerged victorious from a devastating conflict among his peers, its aim was to corrupt the Galactic Republic from within, discredit and diminish the Jedi Order, and ultimately rule the galaxy. A millennium after its creation, the Grand Plan was fulfilled by Darth Sidious.

Around a millennium after the time of Darth Bane, the Sith Lord’s legacy was inherited by Darth Sidious, who learned the ways of the dark side of the Force as the apprentice of Darth Plagueis. Ultimately, Sidious replaced his mentor by killing Plagueis and taking Darth Maul as his apprentice.

Sidious facilitated his rise to power through his public visage as Sheev Palpatine, the Senator of Naboo. As a result, he was able to infiltrate the Galactic Senate while hiding his Sith identity from the Jedi.

We take a look at how Darth Plagueis and Darth Sidious quietly took over the banking system and utilized it for their Sith Grand Plan.

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