Why Did General Grievous HATE His Magna Guards?

Why Did General Grievous HATE His Magna Guards?

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IG-100 MagnaGuards, or Magna Guard, were fearsome bodyguard droids and a type of battle droid created by Holowan Mechanicals. They were a favorite of General Grievous, who used them as his bodyguards during the Clone Wars, though they were also known to accompany other high-ranking Separatist personnel. MagnaGuards were equipped with electrostaffs that could be used against Jedi lightsabers and were capable of continuing a fight even with the loss of one or multiple limbs or even their heads. They were worthy competitors even to the most skilled Jedi; one was even able to back Obi-Wan Kenobi into a corner. While formidable opponents in close-quarters, they were also capable of piloting Rogue-class Porax-38 starfighters and using blasters and RPS-6 rocket launchers, and were often seen wearing cloaks. MagnaGuards usually fought in pairs of two, one to occupy the Jedi’s lightsaber and one to attack from the unguarded flanks or behind. The presence of MagnaGuards indicated that high-ranking commanders were present, and gave the droids automatic authority over other battle droids deployed.

Why Did General Grievous HATE his magna guards… Throughout the Clone Wars, General Grievous treated his droid underlings as filth, and absolutely despised serving alongside them. The reason for this goes all the way back to his early life on his home planet of Kalee, where he fought in the Huk war against vicious invaders.

During the War, Grievous fought alongside a young Kaleesh girl who he grew close to and became so well respect amongst his people that he rose to the status of Demi-god among them.

This perfect life however was torn away from Grievous after he was hired by the Banking Clan to be their leg-breaker, after Dooku planted an explosive on his ship which left him severely disfigured and on the edge of death. Grievous required cybernetics to keep him alive, but he absolutely despised this outcome, as a result he hated all droids and pretty much any mechanical being.

Every time he saw his magna guards, he was reminded of that tragic day, thus hating them until his death…