What Happened to Jar Jar Binks After Order 66? – Star Wars

What Happened to Jar Jar Binks After Order 66? - Star Wars

All the way from before the Clone Wars even kicked off, to the various battlefields of the galaxy and even to the dying days of the war, Jar Jar Binks was known as the clumsy and reckless Representative from Naboo, making mistakes wherever he went. Jar Jar served as a diplomat on many planets and met with various leaders, but ultimately he was known across the Galaxy who gave Chancellor Palpatine the emergency power necessary to end the Republic. But what happened to Jar Jar binks after the Clone Wars ended and Order 66? Lets find out.

In the very final stages of the war, after the battle of Coruscant and the rescue of Chancellor Palpatine from Grievous’ ship, Jar Jar immediately made a very dangerous and horrifing decision, but he didn’t yet know it. Binks joined a group of politicians and senators to present Palpatine with a document known as the petition of 2000. This document was drafted only days earlier by a group of senators called the Delegation of 2000, and demanded that since the war was nearing it’s end, Palpatine should give up his emergency powers, which were originally proposed by Jar Jar binks himself, and immediately abolish the position of Moff, which Palpatine had just brought back after hundreds of years of being out of use.

As you can imagine, being a member of this delegation of 2000 was ridiculously dangerous for these senators, even though they didn’t know it, as they were basically just handing a kill-list to Palpatine so that he could start eliminating all of his enemies one by one, once he transitioned the Republci to the Galactic empire. Pretty much all of the members of the Delegation of 2000 were staunchly against continuing the war any longer and most feared for the future of democracy in the Republic… which of course they were correct. On this list were many famous names, including Padme Amidala who died during the birth of Luke and Leia, Bail Organa who continued on to become a prominent Rebel leader, Mon Mothma who did the same, Meena Tills who was captured and detained, and Nee Alvar who was executed.

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