The Clone Trooper Who Thought He Was Force Sensitive

The Clone Trooper Who Thought He Was Force Sensitive

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The HEARTBREAKING Tale of the Clone Trooper who thought he was FORCE SENSITIVE.

During the Clone Wars, Twi’Lek Jedi General, Bink Utrila led a squad of purple painted Clone Troopers into an eerie ancient Lost Temple that had been carved out thousands of years prior. Inside, something extremely mysterious happens. One of her Clone Troopers, believes that he has discovered his deep connection to the force. So, I’m going to break down the fully story of the Clone Trooper who believed he was force sensitive and the tragic ending to the mission.

The story begins on the moon Draay 2, which you might remember if you’ve read the Knights of the Old Republic comic series. Jedi General Bink Utrila looks inside of her glowing Jedi holocron, to discover the location of the temple that they are looking for. General Utrila confirms to her loyal clone soldiers that the temple should be located just above the nearby hill.

As they arrive at the edge of the hill, Commander Law, the second in command of the squad, informs the General that they are in the right location. As they look down over the incredibly deep ravine, they spot the hidden Jedi temple, with its entrance carved into the wall of the mountain.

The Clones and the Jedi then quickly get their grapple ropes out, and lower themselves down to the entrance of the temple. General Utrila tells her men that if the holocron is correct about the location of the temple, it might also be correct about an ancient sith artifact that is rumoured to be hidden there. According to Jedi myth, an ancient sith relic known as the Gauntlet of Kressh the Younger was hidden inside the temple, and was able to protect its wearer from any physical harm whatsoever.

General Utrila then gives her men clear instructions, that the mysterious artifact must be returned to Coruscant immediately if it is found, or if it can’t be returned safely, it must be destroyed on the spot so that the separatists cannot get their hands on it.

Trooper Glitch then responds to his General Claiming to have seen the temple before in force visions. Clone Trooper Cannon sarcastically responds to Glitch, telling him that he got the information from their mission briefing and not a force vision. You can definitely see why the other boys call him Glitch. The General then asks her Padawan, Rennax, to help her use the force to push open the large, stone doors. Eventually, the combined force power of the two Jedi begins to crack the brittle stone away from the door, allowing the entire squad to enter.