Bad Batch S1 EPISODE 7 Ending Explained + Full Breakdown

Bad Batch S1 EPISODE 7 Ending Explained + Full Breakdown

Star Wars the Bad Batch Season 1 Episode 7, BATTLE SCARS has finally been released on disney+, and the terrifying cliffhanger with Wrecker’s inhibitor chip has finally come to a conclusion. The episode also has some awesome connections to the Star Wars games, book and comics, which give us some hints about what’s coming up in the next episodes.

So, the action begins with a heated dogfight between the Bad Batch’s ship, the Havoc Marauder and a fleet of Rhokai. Echo and Tech begin having their usual arguments about trying to fix the hyperdrive, while Wrecker goes absolutely crazy their new Lizard friend jumps onto his face. Omega has named the creature Ruby, but sadly she won’t be able to keep her as it needs to be delivered to one of Cid’s clients… The Batch are finally learning that to be mercenaries, they have to do the job without asking questions.

In the background of this shot, you can see what looks like a Pantorran Pilot, very similar to the Imperial Pantoran pilot from Star Wars: Squadrons. Obviously, it’s not him and an imperial wouldn’t be hanging out in Cid’s den, but it’s good to see confirmation that some Pantorrans fled the planet after the Empire arrived, rather than cheer them on. Next to the Pantorran we see a mysterious hooded figure, wearing the same Robe that we saw in the Cliffhanger shot of the last episode. After the figure causes a scene in the back of the Den, he slowly lifts his hood and reveals himself to be the man we’ve all been waiting for, Captain Rex.

As the group sit down at the bar, Rex tells the Bad Batch that he’s been keeping a very low profile and is actually recorded as Killed in Action in the Imperial databases, after the Venator crash on the icy moon. Rex then explains that he found the Bad Batch with the help of Trace and Raffa Martez, and that they told him that the Batch had a young kid with them. Hunter then explains that the kid is Omega, and she’s a Clone, just like them. Following this, Wrecker enters the room Bombastically, absolutely pumped to see his old Friend Rex, before introducing him to Omega for the first time.

As Omega looks at Rex’s face, she immediately notes that he’s a Generation 1 clone because of the lines on his face, meaning he is among the oldest Clones in the Grand Army of the Republic, and was literally part of the first lines… This matches up with what he already had from Star Wars: Rebels, where we heard that he fought at the first battle of Geonosis. Again, we’re seeing Omega pick up on the smallest details, like the lines on Rex’s face being different because the Cloning process wasn’t as refined back then… Or she’s just making fun of his wrinkles!