The GONK Droid Who Became a SEPARATIST Agent – Star Wars

The GONK Droid Who Became a SEPARATIST Agent - Star Wars

Throughout the Clone Wars, senators were sent on my diplomatic missions by their home planets, in order to negotiate better trade teals, protection from the opposing side and peace talks . On one of these missions, Senator Padme Amidala was sent to a large meeting of the Galaxy’s toughest senators, with a Jedi escort by none other than Anakin Skywalker. So what could go wrong? Well… One rogue separatist Gonk droid had a different idea.

The story begins on the heavily contested moon, Gus Talon, where peace negotiations are in progress between many diplomats, all trying to claim parts of the moon. Padme is attending the peace negotiations R2-d2, and C-3po, and has been assigned a Jedi escort, who happens to be Anakin… I wonder how that happened… As the two enter the main complex where the negotiations are going down, Anakin is stunned by how massive the place is, and how it was built solely to host diplomatic negotiations. Padme is equally as impressed with the complex and notes that they really must take diplomacy seriously on Gus Talon.

Anakin then adds “it must take a lot of staff to run it”, to which threepio chimes in and tells him that he’s wrong, and instead, the whole facility is automated and self-sufficient, run entirely by droids. Anakin simply ignores is nosy droid and continues on with Padme, and the two share a moment together remembering that with the ghastly clone wars raging on, they don’t really get much time to spend together any more. Anakin reminds her that she’s a diplomat and that every diplomat needs a Jedi Knight to protect them, to which Padme responds that they can’t forget to take time for themselves, away from the politics and conflict of the war… otherwise, they will have lost sight of what they are truly fighting for.

As they are sharing this touching moment, they are again interrupted by artoo and threepi, this time, and this time with the droids informing them that the peace negotiations are finally ready to get under way.