Who Is the DEAD JEDI On Kamino In The Bad Batch Episode 1?

Who Is the DEAD JEDI On Kamino In The Bad Batch Episode 1?

With the season premiere of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Episode 1 airing not long ago, many of us were left wondering, who was the dead Jedi that was brought to Kamino, and being stretchered off with her lightsaber still in hand. There are actually a few options that fit all of the characteristics of this unfortunate jedi. So, lets break down all of the possible Jedi this could be, including some pretty familiar faces.

In the immediate aftermath of Order 66, where the Jedi’s numbers were degraded all the way down to only a few lucky survivors, the Bad Batch were called back to Kamion. Once there, they were surprised to see that the elite Shock Troropers from the coruscant guard had been moved to Kamino, and seemed to be acting very differently to how they were only a short while ago.

After being informed that General Grievous was defeated by Obi-Wan Kenobi on Utapau and that the war was now over, they saw something incredibly suspicious. The body of an unknown female, draped in a simple grey cloth was being dragged onto a transport by the coruscant guard for some strange reason. Even more suspiciously, a lightsaber hilt drops from the lifeless, purple and green hands of the dead figure, confirming that it is a Jedi under the sheet. So who was it?

Well the first option, and one that quite a lot of people seem to thing is that it is Jedi Master Shaak Ti. On the surface, this makes a lot of sense, considering she was the one in charge of overseeing the Republic’s clone training operations and the facilities on Kamino, but that’s about as far as the theory can go. For one, her hands are more a red colour, with no hint of green, certainly not matching the one seen in the shot. On top of that, her lightsaber doesn’t match the design of the one dropped, having some pretty big differences in the colour and shape.

And the final nail in the coffin for the Shaak Ti theory, is that we already know from the Clone Wars season 7 that she was transferred back to Coruscant after grievous invaded at the Battle of Coruscant, in order to protect the Chancellor. It’s possible that her body was brought back to Kamino after dying on Coruscant, but that wouldn’t’ make much sense and probably wouldn’t happen. Finally, we also know that Shaak Ti’s official canon death is the one at the hands of Anakin Skywalker at the Jedi temple, so this makes it very unlikely to be her. But then again, we know just how many different deaths Shaak Ti has had over the years, so you never know.

Following that, the next possibility for the dead Jedi is the purple skinned twi’lek known as rachi sitra. Rachi Sitra was a young girl on Ryloth when she was rescued by a Jedi posing as a slave traver, and after being inducted into the Jedi Order, she became a very skilled lightsaber combatant and even a talented archaeologist.