How The Bad Batch CHANGED Kanan’s Order 66 Tragedy

How The Bad Batch CHANGED Kanan's Order 66 Tragedy

Star Wars: The Bad Batch released not too long ago, and with it were thrown right into the tragic and heartbreaking moment of Order 66 once more. This time however, we experienced that dark day from the perspective of the bad batch, who were assigned to Jedi Padawan Caleb Dum, who later went on to become Kanan Jarrus, and His Master Depa Bilaba… Although, we had already seen their Order 66 experiences in the comics, and a lot was changed.

So, to star off, the Kanan comics begin with Caleb Dume and his Master Depa Bilaba making a final push for the capital of Kaller, which is being protected by Separatist General Kleeve and droid forces. Caleb and his master begin ripping through battle droids across the rocky, dry stuface, and charge towards the capital without hesitation.

This is obviously a star difference to the bad batch interpretation of the event, where the planet is snow covered, and things are moving pretty slowly. On top of that, instead of being on the offensive, General Bilaba and Caleb posted up inside of a trench waiting for their reinforcements to arrive, not moving at all, and actually are having the Battle droid forces storming towards them, exactly the opposite of the comic.

Now after this, there are some more minor changes which are pretty weird and completely break away from the comic. The first is that the Clone Troopers of Depa Billaba battalion are wearing Red in the comic, and each have some pretty unique armor designs.

CC-10/994 or nicknamed Grey had a really awesome red trimmed armor design, with some cool unique patterns, along with a red painted helmet, and was even allowed to carry a blade on his back, which was a true sign of his independence and his General’s trust in him.

If we compare that to version displayed in the Bad Batch, he was given the very standard Phase 2 armor of a Clone Commander, which was painted in a very dull green. Awesomely, they did keep his helmet design mostly, but instead of being red, it was in the faded green.