After a very short wait between the first episode on may the fourth, Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 1 Episode 2 Cut and run has finally released on disney+, and it had a pretty major connection to a story that we’ve been waiting to have continued ever since that episode of the Clone Wars came out. So, I’m going to break down everything that went down in the episode and how it connects to the other Star Wars tv series, films, books and comics.

To start off the episode, we skipped the traditional war time announcer broadcast that we had for the first episode and every clone wars episode, finally marking that the Clone Wars are over and the Galaxy is a whole different place now.

Moving straight inside the Bad Batch’s ship, the Havoc Marauder, we get straight back to where we left off last episode, on their way to the J-19 sector, which contains Saleucami. Omega and Wrecker have fallen asleep after getting curious and exploring the ship together, and Hunter and Echo debate what to do with her. Meanwhile, Tech lets the group know that they have finally arrived at the location of their contact, on Saleucami.

Saleucami is the home of Clone Deserter Cut Lawquane and where General Stasse Allie was killed by Commander Neyo during Order 66, in Revenge of the Sith, making it a very important place in the aftermath of the Clone Wars.

As the group leaves the ship, omega is stunned and her senses are overwhelmed as this is the first time she’s experienced true nature, as opposed to the sterile, while hallways of Kamino. Omega continues to be in awe at the beauty of all of the plants, flowers and animals that she’s never had the chance to see before.

Following this, the group move closer to their contact on the planet, and Wrecker accidentally sets off a trap he has set at the front of the house, alerting those inside. The Trap is literally a set of Captured B-1 battle droids, mounted on pikes with their blasters aimed squarely at whoever triggers the trap… Very fitting for the man living inside this farmstead.

After being alerted, out comes the wife of a certain clone deserter, Suu Lawquane, along with the man so many of us have been waiting to see again, Cut Lawquane. For those of you who don’t know his story from the Clone Wars, Cut’s gunship was shot down at the first Battle of Geonosis, and after watching all of his brothers die around him, he knew he couldn’t fight a single second longer in the war. As a result, he deserted to Saleucami, and eventually found a wife named, Suu, before adopting her children, which are half Human and Half Twi’Lek. It’s a pretty common misconception, but they are not actually his children, as they would obviously be too old. When we first met them in the Clone Wars, they were already around 7 years old, meanwhile the Clones had only left Kamino about 2 years prior.