The Clones Born To Fight In Jungles – Felucian Commandos

The Clones Born To Fight In Jungles - Felucian Commandos

After the Clone Wars spread out across the Galaxy from the first battle of Geonosis, many Jungle and swamp worlds soon came under threat from the separatist droid army. As a result of this, the Republic designated a large, but elite group of Clone Troopers to be specially trained and taught survival tactics for the dense and damp jungles which dotted the galaxy.

Before we get into it, make sure you’re subscribed for more awesome Star Wars and Bad Bad Batch content, as the show is coming out in next few weeks. The Felucian Commandos or jungle commandos were a group of incredibly elite Clone Commandos who were chosen from their training groups on Kamino, and moved into a specialized unit to train in Jungle warfare tactics. Those of you who have played the Clone Wars adventures game will remember these guys pretty well.

The Jungle commandos served in the Republic’s special operations brigade, and were sent out on difficult tasks and rescue missions, mostly on Jungle worlds like Felucia. When Felucia came under attack by separatist forces, these troopers were the first sent in to assist the Republic troops in defending their positions and ensuring that Republic interests were protected.