Why Commander NEYO Will Be in The Bad Batch – Star Wars

Why Commander NEYO Will Be in The Bad Batch - Star Wars

Commander Neyo or CC-8826 is the Clone Commander who served under Jedi Generals Mace Windu, Adi Gallia and Stass Allie in the 91st Mobile Reconnaissance corps, before the events of Order 66. After Chancellor Palpatine gave the Order to eliminate all of the Jedi, Neyo coldy executed Order 66 while on his speeder bike, helping to kill his General Stass Alie on the planet Saleucami, which happens to be a location we’re very likely going to visit in Star Wars: The Bad Batch. So, lets find out why we’ll probably see him appear and how it could tie into the post Order 66 fate of the Clones.

With Star The Bad Batch releasing in the next few weeks, I’m starting a non-stop series of theories, news, speculation and lore about the upcoming show, so make sure you’re subscribed for that. So right away we know that the whole show will be centred around not only the bad batch and their journey after the end of the War, but the immediate aftermath of ORder 66, and the effect that the order had on all of the Clones. This will be the show where Clone Lore is expanded in many ways. Clone Trooper variants from legends will likely be re canonized, many characters from the Republic commando novel and other expanded universe clone wars content will most likely be coming back and pretty much anyone who even got a sliver of screen time in the movies will certainly be getting some expansion to their backstory.

Commander Neyo of course was featured in the Clone Wars series, but he’ll likely get a much bigger expansion on his story, and we’ll probably see what his thoughts were after executing Order 66 on his general. Following that, we know pretty much for certain that we’ll be heading back to Saleucami during the series, as we’ve seen a huge amount of hints in both the Bad Batch trailer 2 and the original sizzle reel that we saw a few months ago. In one of the shots, wrecker is wearing a very interesting outfit, which has some more connections to Saleucami, but we’ll break that down later in the video. The more important part and the part which points strongly to them being on saleucami are the bulbous plants that are growing in the back of the shot. These plants look very similar to the ones that can be seen growing on Saleucami in the Clone Wars, just behind Obi-Wan Kenobi, which you can see on screen.