Darth Vader’s Most Useful Force Ability In KILLING JEDI

Darth Vader's Most Useful Force Ability In KILLING JEDI

Force cloak, also known as Force camouflage, was a rarely seen Force talent involving the manipulation of light and sound waves to render a practitioner virtually invisible to the naked eye. This technique was found mainly among members of the Jedi Order before the rise of the Galactic Empire and the destruction of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Despite the loss of knowledge among the Jedi, the technique of cloaking oneself in the Force was perfected by the Disciples of Twilight, a mysterious sect based on the Outer Rim moon, Dyspeth.

Force cloak must not be confused with the inherent trait found in a Force Blank that produced the phenomenon of a void in the Force. Whereas the former was predominantly a talent or acquired skill among practitioners of the light side of the Force, the latter was an inherent power found only among beings with natural leanings toward the dark side, who gravitated or were naturally drawn to it.