Trailer #2 Just CONFIRMED Bad Batch Didn’t Execute Order 66!

Trailer #2 Just CONFIRMED Bad Batch Didn't Execute Order 66!

Clone Force 99 was named in remembrance of 99, a malformed maintenance duty clone who died while aiding the defense of Kamino from the Separatist invasion. The unit originated as a batch of clones who were born with “desirable” genetic mutations that made them superior soldiers. These mutations also had the unique effect of altering their appearance and voice greatly from regular clone troopers. Each one of the members acquired certain abilities unique to the team. Clone trooper “Wrecker” had an enhanced muscular form, “Crosshair” had exceptional vision that allowed him to be a very capable sniper, “Tech” used his enhanced mental aptitude to handle the technical operations, while the leader of the squad, SergeantHunter” had sensory abilities that allowed him to sense electromagnetic signals. The team nicknamed themselves “The Bad Batch.” Each member of the squad had a skull icon on their clone trooper armor, which could be seen as their unofficial logo and helped set the four apart from other clone units. While a part of the clone army, they earned quite the reputation. They were known to have a 100% success rate. The squad worked together with Marshal CommanderCC-2224 “Cody” on certain occasions, but did not report to anyone in particular. The group somewhat disdainfully referred to normal troopers as “regs.