When Anakin Saved Jedi Younglins From a Dark Side Spirit

When Anakin Saved Jedi Younglins From a Dark Side Spirit

Not long after Anakin was taken to the Jedi temple by Master Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi after being freed from his old life on Tatooine, a strange darkness began to envelop him and follow him around at the Jedi temple. This darkness inside of Anakin eventually resulted in a dark side spirit manifesting in front of him and force choking him, before he fought it to save a group of younglings… Or so he thought. So, lets find out what this dark side ghost was and how it haunted Anakin for many years.

So the story begins at the Jedi temple on Coruscant, where Anakin and Master Tiplee are walking the vast halls. Anakin tells Master Tiplee that he feels something, and Tiplee asks him “jumping at shadows again, Anakin?”, making it clear that this is not the first time he has felt a dark presence inside of the Jedi temple. Master Tiplee then roasts Anakin more than the Twin suns of Tatooine did to Obi-Wan by saying, “Do they even have shadows on Tatooine”.

Anakin however responds to Master Tiplee by saying that knowing where to find the nearest shade on a planet with two suns is literally a matter of life or death, and because of that… shadows don’t scare Anakin.

After continuing the argument, Tiplee tells anakin to get moving as he is already late to his class in Master Terra Sinube’s chamber, but Anakin just can’t drop the feeling that he senses something is coming… a large darkness is looming…

In response to this, Tiplee simply brushes Anakin’s concern off, telling him that it is just his imagination playing tricks on him, adding that this is the Jedi temple after all, the bright centre of the universe in her eyes…

Honestly, this right here is a prime example of the Jedi arrogance forming even before the Clone Wars began, and their failure to recognize Anakin’s concerns. Almost every Jedi that Anakin tried to confide in with his emotions, including Master Yoda himself brushed them off and told him to let go… Obviously we all know the result of that.