The Mandalorian Chapter 12 – The Siege Episode Review

The Mandalorian Chapter 12 - The Siege Episode Review

The Mandalorian and the Child head to Nevarro for repairs for his ship, the Razor Crest, after the Mon Calamari repairs proved inadequate. They reunite with Greef Karga and Cara Dune there, who have since turned the planet around. Cara has assumed the position of Marshall, Greef has taken on the role of magistrate, assisted by the unnamed Mythrol. In return for the repairs, The Mandalorian agrees to help destroy an old Imperial base on the other side of the planet. The Child is placed in a new school built on Nevarro and endeavours to steal macaron treats from a student.

The base turns out to have more than just a skeleton crew and Stormtroopers patrol the corridors. They deactivate the lava cooling system, so that the natural lava flows will destroy the base. During their escape, they come across a chamber filled with vats of what appear to be cloned bodies. The scientists in the chamber attempt to destroy the evidence. Mythrol uncovers a recording from Dr. Pershing that reveals he was using the blood of the Child, which contains a large ‘M-count‘ to harvest the clones. Stormtroopers soon swarm the team and they are forced to escape before the lava overheats and destroys the base.

The Mandalorian flies from the base to retrieve his ship, using his jetpack, whilst Karga, Dune, and Mythrol steal a Stormtrooper transport. A chase ensues between the transport, driven by Dune, and speeder bikes manned by scout troopers. Greef Karga kills the last scout trooper, but TIE fighters launched from the base chase after them, disabling the transport’s cannon. The base soon explodes due to the overheating of the lava. As the TIE-Fighters close in on Dune, Karga and Mythrol, the Razor Crest appears and destroys the Imperials, Mando and the Child at the helm.

With his ship repaired and Nevarro secured, Mando heads for Corvus to track down Ahsoka Tano. The New Republic visit Karga to investigate the incident, with Captain Carson Teva noting “something is brewing and we need to put a stop to it”. Teva speaks with Dune, who tries asking for her help in fighting remnants of the Empire. When Alderaan, Dune’s homeworld, is mentioned, she tells Teva that she lost everything after its destruction.

An Imperial officer receives confirmation from one of the mechanics working for Greef Karga that a tracking beacon has been placed on the Razor Crest. Moff Gideon is informed by a comms officer and declares that they will be ready. In the background, mysterious dark troopers are just about visible, lining the halls of his ship.