The LAST Clone Trooper to Ever Be Born On Kamino TX-828

The LAST Clone Trooper to Ever Be Born On Kamino TX-828

Clone Trooper Torrent, or TX-828 as he was later known was the last Clone Trooper Ever born and raised on Kamino before the tragic day of Order 66 and the creation of the Empire by Chancellor Palpatine. Because Torrent was part of the last batch of Clone Troopers from the rainy world, he did not serve in the Grand Army of the Republic for long, before being converted to a Clone Stormtrooper loyal to the Empire.

In the final days of the Cloning Program on the waterworld of Kamino, Clone Trooper Torrent was created through the standard laboratory Cloning process from the Jango Fett Genome. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know what his Clone Production number was, but we do know that not long into her service of the republic, on the front lines of the battle he was given the nickname “Torrent” by his Clone brothers. Let me know down below what action you think a Clone Would have to do to gain the nickname Torrent. Maybe he was known for his use of heavy weaponry and always provided a Torrent of blaster fire to cover for his brothers.

Soon after Order 66 was called and almost every single Jedi Knight of the Republic was turned on and brutally slaughtered by their Clone Troopers, the Grand Army of the Republic was transitioned into the Imperial Army and Navy, placing every Clone Trooper who still has the mental and physical capacity to serve, into the ranks of the Empire. Unfortunately we still don’t know whether or not torrent executed Order 66 after receiving the Order, or even who his Jedi General and Legion were, but I think we’ll definitely get more information on him with the Bad Batch series which should be coming out around February or March next year. Based on his story it’s almost certain that he gunned down his Jedi without hesitation. Let me know right now in the comments which legion and Jedi General Torrent may have been in.

Because of his incredibly late birth on Kamino, Torrent or TX-828 as he was now called in the ranks of the imperial army, became one of the last Clones still remaining in service of the Empire, after many of them were phased out.

Surprisingly, Torrent had served the Empire all the way up to year 0BBY, where he has risen through the ranks all the way up to the Sergeant. Being much more clever and able to think outside the box than even some of the human born stormtroopers who served alongside him, Torrent quickly joined the Imperial Security Bureau, where he came under the service of Senior Imperial Commander Alecia Beck. Torrent and Commander Beck were soon stationed aboard the Imperial Class Star Destroyer called, The Vehement, where they were tasked with tracking down a Rebel special recon group called the Shrikes. The Shrikes were led by Rebel Lieutenant Caluan Emmat, who had his men stationed on the planet Taanab.

Commander Beck and Trooper Torrent were able to rapidly track the small squad of Rebel operatives to the planet, where they hoped to observe their actions carefully and discover any information they could about Rebel High Command.

Shortly after this, Commander Beck and Torrent’s mission came to a screeching stop, after hearing the devastating news that the Empire’s superweapon, the Death Star had been destroyed by the Rebels, sending the entire Imperial command structure into severe panic and Chaos. For a short while after the incident, nobody had clear information on what exactly had gone down and how the Empire would move forward after such a shocking event. Eventually however, Emperor Palpatine put an end to the confusion and panic, sending an Order from the Imperial Palace on Coruscant, instructing all ISB officials to apprehend any suspected sympathizers or members of the Rebel alliance, without question, interrogation or negotiation.

Following this direct Order from Palpatine, Torrent was ordered by Commander Beck to take a small Squad of 8 stormtroopers to ambush the Shrikes at the exact moment that they attempted to escape the planet that they were hiding out on and take each of them prisoner for further interrogation. Torrent quickly flicked the firm switch on his E-11 blaster rifle to stun mode, before instructing his men to the same. Torrent’s squad quickly engaged the Shrikes in a fierce confrontation, where they were able to capture four rebel troopers, but unfortunately let one Rodian Rebel escape.

Shockingly, this Rodian returned to the scene of the firefight after the battle, brutally blasting all of his fellow rebel operatives with his blaster before turning the metallic barrel on himself and pulling the trigger.

Torrent was of course shocked by this atrocity, and Commander Beck believed that he committed this horrendous action to protect important Rebel secrets. The Leader of the Shrikes, Caluan Ematt, did actually manage to elude Torrent’s search party, escaping off-world, infuriating commander Beck.